We are at the dawn of a revolution in manufacturing. Through the disruptive technology of Additive manufacturing/3D printing the landscape of manufacturing will change worldwide. We believe this technology has the potential to revive the United State's manufacturing industry, and potentially create countless manufacturing jobs. In addition, it allows product designers to seamlessly bridge their imagination to the final products they create.

Utilizing the full potential of additive manufacturing/3D printing technology, our vision is to create an environment where exceptionally talented and creative professionals can create products free from the limitations imposed on design, complexity and quality by traditional manufacturing techniques.

Aaroon Sadat co-founded Ektera in 2013, bringing his diverse experience across multiple disciplines, including: the pharmaceutical industry, finance, management, engineering and invention/product development. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA degree in Integrative Biology. Aaroon  started his professional career doing research and development and moved on to management within the pharmaceutical industry. He then founded his own finance company. He is currently working as a service engineer for Waters Corporation, an analytical instrument manufacturer. He has gained experience in additive manufacturing/3D printing technology through building prototypes for newly invented products. He is also a professional photographer. Aaroon has co-founded Ektera because this business has all the elements that he is passionate about, creativity, art, entrepreneurship, invention, and working with cutting edge technology.


Tareq Mirza co-founded Ektera in 2013, bringing twenty years of experience in feature film visual effects, animation, video game creation and art education into the additive manufacturing world. Before Ektera, he worked as a senior digital modeler at Industrial, Light & Magic, creating creature and technical designs on such movies as: Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Van Helsing. In addition to his time at ILM, he also worked on the movies The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions. Beyond feature film work, Tareq has also worked in the video game industry as a supervisor at Electronic Arts and has done consulting and contracting work with Lucasfilm, Massive Black, and various other companies. Tareq holds a faculty position in the Visual Effects and Animation department at the Academy of Art University, where he oversees design courses relating to digital modeling, sculpting and anatomy. Tareq is currently developing 3D printing/additive manufacturing courses for his program.

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